Frequently Asked Questions

How do you prevent moth holes?
Moths and larvae are attracted to stains and spots on clothing. They eat the stains and fabric on it. Regular cleaning will remove stains that attract insects.

What is dry cleaning?
The Dry Cleaning Machine is similar to a washing machine, but uses solvents instead of water, and the drying process is at a lower temperature. This process is gentler than washing, and items are steamed and pressed by hand to finish.

What is eco-friendly dry cleaning?
We have replaced the use of toxic solvents like perc, and now use hydrocarbons and CO2-based solvents. Your garments will not have any chemical odor.

How should shirts be processed?
Business shirts are usually professionally washed and ironed while wet. They are not put in a dryer. This gives them a crisp, wrinkle-free finish. You can dry clean shirts when you want a softer feel or a gentler cleaning process. The cost of washing and ironing a shirt is less than dry cleaning.

What is the difference between a shirt and a blouse?
Generally, a shirt buttons down the front and is made of cotton, polycotton, or polyester, typically a business-type shirt. A blouse is made of more delicate fabric, such as silk, viscose, linen, or other synthetics. It may have a vibrant or mixed color print and need to be pressed or finished by hand. Blouses should be dry cleaned for best results.

What’s the best way to prevent losing socks and small items in the laundry?
Our operators check the inside of our machines thoroughly after each wash, but the reality is socks lose their way, even when washing at home. If you have a few valuable socks, we suggest using safety pins to pair them together or put small items in a mesh laundry bag. Remember to zip them closed, and for added security, use a safety pin to secure the zipper closed.

What if my laundry items are really valuable to me or I want extra care?
You may opt for our hotel-style service, in which we count and itemize everything before washing, and account for every item once finished. We can also press every item. This service is charged by the piece, rather than by the pound.

What is your liability policy?
We process hundreds and thousands of items a year. Occasionally something can become lost or damaged. The chances of that happening are less than one tenth of one percent. Our stated policy is to reimburse 10 times the cost of processing the item. If your item is particularly valuable, we can adjust our pricing to give you the added protection.

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